Alight Motion Pro Apk Free Download for Android 2021

Hello hai, friends today in this article we will learn what is alight motion application, how to use this alight motion application, whats are the features and options present in this alight motion application. we will also learn how to use the alight motion effects and also how to use alight motion presets in this article with full details.

We all know that kinemaster application is used for video editing but now alight motion pro application is trending everywhere. This alight motion application is easy to use and has many features for video editing in our android and also iPhone.Let’s see all the features and complete details for alight motion apk

What is alight motion ?

The alight motion is one of the video editing applications used for video editing using android and also iPhone. This application has many options which are very useful for creating beautiful videos on our mobile phone .
Alight motion apk comes with many features that no other application in the play store has .beacause of this alight motion application is famous all around the earth. Many video creators use this alight motion application for editing their videos on mobile phones.

Alight motion application is very simple to use once we learn how to edit our videos in alight motion we will not leave this application. Alight motion application has so many features for the editing of our videos and also so many tutorials are present on youtube to learn how to use this alight motion editing on mobile. This application mainly used to create beautiful Whatsapp status videos and also lyrical videos on mobile phone

What is Alight Motion Apk

As we all know that alight motion application is one of the best video editing apps on mobile phones But this application comes with some features for the paid version.

If we buy the alight motion application then we will get the all features for free to use. This alight motion apk comes with all the features for free to use here some people created the pro version of the alight motion application where we can use all the paid features for free in our android phone.

Alight motion pro application comes without any restrictions in the application. There are some restrictions like a watermark on the video and also some premium features like so many fonts can be used for free when we install this alight motion application.
In this pro apk we have many visual effects for free to use But here in this we can use them for free lifetime

Features of Alight Motion apk

Let’s see some of the important features of the alight motion application

1.We can add many layers of videos with animation in the layers

In this application we can add many video layers while editing our videos we can add 20+ video layers for creating an amazing video on a mobile phone

2.Nearly 2000+ fonts are free to use in this pro application

These applications have inbuilt of 2000+ fonts where these fonts are free to use when we are creating a lyrical video these fonts are very helpful for making lyrics with different fonts in mobile

alight motion pro

3.We can adjust the aspect ratios of the videos

In alight motion we have so many video aspects ratio formats here we can edit our videos in 16: 9,9:16, 4:5,1:1,4:3 different ratios we can edit our videos in our own customized format also

4.Keyframe options help to create the video frame by frame

Keyframe is one of the best feature present in the alight motion application here we can edit our videos frame by frame with help of the keyframe option add many effects many visual effects are present we can use them to create beautiful videos

Alight motion application has inbuilt visual effects nearly we have 200+ visual effects for creating beautiful videos in our mobile

6.We can create our own vector animations videos in this pro apk

Vector videos can be only created on laptops but this application made it easy to make our own vector videos on our android phone

7.Comes with no watermark in our videos

the free version of alight motion present in the play store comes with a watermark but this pro version application comes with no watermark

8.Video can be exported into HD, 1080, MP4, and other formats

we can export our videos into GIF, Mp4, and also we can export our video into presets so that other friends can use our presets to create the videos

alight motion pro

9.Colour corrections can be done

Colour grading is one of the best feature present in this application we can do colour correction and change the colours in the video and create beautiful videos

10.All premium features are unlocked for the pro users

Premium features all are unlocked and can be used here In this application for free

How to use Alight motion apk

To use an alight motion application we have to know which option is used for which purpose lets see all the options then we will see how to use a light motion application.

After installing the application in mobile when we open this application we have 4 options at the bottom they are Home, Tutorials,+ Symbol, Projects, Elements


In-home we will have all the latest news about the alight motion application and all the latest features and latest effects that are added in the alight motion application


Inside the tutorials, we have all the alight motion video making and editing tutorials are present, Also we have the best and latest editing tips and tricks related to youtube videos in the alight motion application

Plus Symbol

Using this button we can create the video editing and also we can select the project and also select the aspect ratio of the video editing before we start the video or effect editing.


Here in projects, we can see all the projects we imported, all the projects which are pending, and all new projects we created in this application


Here in elements, we have options to add customized videos, audio files for future editing

alight motion pro

Click on the plus icon then now select the aspect ratio of your video then after selecting you will go to the edit menu here in this menu import the images or videos by clicking on the plus button.

Once you add all images or videos click on the video or images and trim them based on your interest later you can add the borders and effects of the color from the special menu. Once editing is done now you can export the video into GIF or image or preset or Video.

What is alight motion preset

alight motion preset is a template of a project which was created in the alight motion application. Here in the alight motion application, we can create templates for our projects. Using these presets we can import the project in our alight motion and use the project which was created by someone. We can share these presets with our friends.

To use these presets simply click on that preset link so that it will be imported into our alight motion application then we can use it and modify the template to create beautiful videos nowadays most of the lyrical and WhatsApp status videos are created using alight motion application.

How to download alight motion pro apk

Follow the below-mentioned steps to download the alight motion application on your mobile

  1. Click on the download button given below
  2. Once you download the application open the downloads folder
  3. After that click on the install option
  4. Now wait for some time once installation completed click on open
  5. Later turn on your internet to download the necessary files
  6. After that, you can click on the plus button or you can import the presets to create videos

Alight motion for Android

Alight motion for android version DOWNLOAD from here

Alight motion for android DOWNLOAD from here

Alight motion apk for IOS

Alight motion for Iphone DOWNLOAD from here


Alight motion is one of the best video editor applications for creating beautiful videos and also making lyrical and WhatsApp status videos. But this application has so many features which will take some to understand all the options once we master the option then we can create wonders in this application.