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Hello hi everyone this is Kishore so are you searching for avee player for pc then you are at the right place because here in this article we are going to discuss how to install avee player application for your PC and how to use it and the complete process we are going to discuss in this article.

These days editing became very fashion and many people want to edit their videos using their Android phone so if there is such an application that is very good and the best for mobile users and also Android iOS users who can edit their videos with beautiful beats and music.

So stay tuned this read this article completely so that you will get to know how to edit your videos in every player using your laptop or a desktop.

What is avee player Application?

what is avee player application how do we use it .let us see what is this application and why we use this application? and also what we can create from it

AV player the name itself it is saying that it is a player this application is completely a music player where you can be music if it is a normal music player there is nothing to discuss this but it is not a normal music player it has many super Amazing cool features.

You can only play the music but also you can enjoy the beat of your music like a visualizer. Visualizer as fullscreen will help users to enjoy the music visually in full screen and landscape modes.

Avee Player pro version if you download the pro version then you can customize every player with different kinds of animations and you can create a different visualizer in your Android phone according to your music. Also, you can create beautiful avee player templates not only that you can customize but also you can save your weed audio file into a visualizer video.

Avee player for personal computer is not designed it is for only android and IOS but don’t worry I will tell you how to install the Avee player for PC and you can enjoy the same features that android application has

How to install Avee player for pc step by step

So friends let’s see how to install Avee player for PC step by step. It is very simple and easy all you need to do is follow the steps which I have given below

Step 1 so what we are going to do is we need to install one software the software name is BlueStacks. the software is used to run the Android application on your PC

Step 2 once you install this BlueStacks software on PC or on your laptop now open this software and register or log in with your email address.

Avee player for pc

Step 3 once you login into this software so you will find the play store app by default in this application open the play store and search for the Avee player application

avee player for pc

Step 4 so once you search for the Avee player application try to install it after the installation process is done then you can open the Avee player application and use it like a normal Android application used on your mobile phone.

Step 5 if you want to install the APK which you have downloaded from Google then it is very simple

Step 6 just click on the install tool on the right side and select the apk from your download and click on open and the application will automatically install on your PC

avee player for PC


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