Crush Avee player Template Download for Avee player

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Avee player template
Avee player template

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Crush avee player template

Basically, people show more interest towards crush avee player templates as people like to post their Crush photos

To post your crush photo in WhatsApp status video use some avee player templates for attracting her

This crush avee player template is useful for people who want to post WhatsApp status videos

Avee player templates have a background black and white image which is your image.

We can add your crush photo in the foreground and it will display in the form of a 3D cube.

Inside this 3D cube, your crush photo will be displayed in a color photo

We have a different glitter that will be glowing in the background for this template

Crush avee player templates comes with full-screen mode which occupies our entire WhatsApp status

These templates are so attractive and grab attention from the people once they see

It is always recommended to use this template with PNG as Crush then it is so attractive.

How to use these avee player templates in avee player

  1. Install avee player pro application on mobile phone
  2. Now download this crush template
  3. Once you download the template storage in some folder
  4. Now open avee player application
  5. Click on the 9 boxes at the top select the upload file
  6. Later select the avee player templates you downloaded
  7. now click on the pen at the top do changes
  8. Once changes have done export the template into video