Apple DJ style avee player template download for Avee player

Hello hi everyone today we are going to discuss about DJ style avee player template download.

Basically people are very fond of DJ and they like to add this DJ into their avee player effects

One of the such Effort is this DJ style avee player template. people show very interest for the songs but the same is replicated in the form of template here

avee player template download
avee player template download

This template has importantly the DJ effect to its photo. many different styles are included in this template let’s go one by one

Let’s go deep into this DJ style Apple avee player template and see its features

DJ style avee player template download

DJ style Avee player template has many DJ effects which are very attractive to Eyes.

If you’re a fan of the Avee player template download this DJ effect template and use it for your videos

Especially this design template is mainly designed for iPhone user who want to keep their iPhone logo into DJ effect.

This every player template has a square border which is added in the middle. Inside the square border we can add any of our images so that this affects looks very beautiful.

We have to DJ effect iPhone logos on either side of your image which will be having DJ effects Flashing colours effect is also present around this DJ effect of the iPhone logos.

Download this AV player template and use it for your videos and impress the people.

Apple phone lovers can you this template even the android users can replace the apple logo with android

How to use the free avee player template

  1. Choose the free avee player template download it.
  2. Once the downloading is completed store this template in your mobile phone folder
  3. Open the avee player and play the music now select the 9 boxes which are present at the top
  4. Once you click on these boxes you will find so many default effects select any of these default effect
  5. After that choose the file upload option which is left to save.
  6. Now click on import and select your template and made the changes according to your requirement
  7. Once these effects and requirement has been made export the video and enjoy