How to Delete Letgo Account Full Details Step by Step

Hello hai, today we are going to see what is letgo app and how to create an account letgo app account, also how to delete letgo account in different methods. we will also see why people want to delete the letgo app account bot on the PC and also on mobile.

Many people don’t know how to delete their account .here we will see how to delete step by step in detail so read the article completely. So that you can get a full understanding of this letgo app and how to delete and also how to create an account in details on your mobile.

What is letgo ?

what is the letgo app? basically, the letgo app is one of the online buying and selling apps. In this letgo app, we can buy and sell our products online, and also we can bargain the price with the selling and also buyer. This app is so useful for people who want to sell or buy products in their local.

Letgo application is also available for Android and also IOS users both can use this application. We can use this application on laptops and also mobile phones. The android application is present in the play store and the IOS version is present in Appstore.

This is one of the best selling and buying apps for local because we can sell our products locally so that we can sell our products very fast in this application. This application is userfriendly and the design is so good and simple for its users

How to use letgo application

To use this letgo application we have to sign up in this application . After installing the application click on sign up here we have to create a letgo account we can create an account with Facebook or Gmail. Once we create the account then we can start buying and selling in this application.

This application has some of the options like Home, categories, chat, profile, and camera. let us see what these options can be used for in detail.

In-home we have many products images that are ready to sell where we can click on these products and buy them directly from the seller

Inside this categories option, we have many categories of the products which are listed here we can see different types of the products which ready are for sale

Inside this chat option, we can directly chat with the seller and bargain the price with the seller online.


in the profile, we can create our profile as a seller or buyer and post the images who want to buy our products will contact us directly

This camera option is used to take pictures of our products to post in our profile

How we can delete letgo account

Many people want to delete their letgo account because they get many fake calls and lots of advertising ads on their mobile. Also, they get many promotion advertising emails this is so irritating so people want to delete their letgo account

Basically, it’s not possible to delete your letgo account in android and IOS applications But we can delete it using the letgo Official website or we can send the email to customer support to delete our account.

how to delete letgo account

Let’s see the two different ways to delete your letgo account with email and also with the official website.

How to delete letgo account in your PC

Are you looking for how to delete your letgo account on pc follow the below-given steps

1.Open your browser and go to the official website of letgo

2.Now login to your account on the website

3.Later click on the profile button in your account

How to delete letgo account

4.After that click on the Settings gear icon

How to delete letgo account

5.Once you click on the settings we get two options like profile and your data

How to delete letgo account

6.Click on your data at the bottom we have to delete the account

7.Once we click on the delete account option

how to delete letgo account

8.we get a pop asking to delete click on yes

How to delete letgo account

9.Once we confirm delete account our account will be inactive in 48 hours

10. It will take nearly 30 days to delete your account permanently from the database

How to delete letgo account via email

it is very easy to delete your letgo account using email here you need to send a normal email to the letgo customer support team

  1. Open your email and compose the email as mentioned below.
  2. We can use our letgo registered email address or any other non-registered email to email the letgo team but mention the registered email of letgo in the body section.
  3. Mention this email address [email protected] in the section.
  5. Now in the body section, you have to mention why you want to delete your account simple copy the below email format and paste it to make the changes in this email body.

Email Body to delete letgo account

Hi LetgoTeam,

I am ( Your Name ) a registered user of letgo and the email id linked with this account is ( Your
email ). I don’t want this account due to personal reasons, I request you to delete my account
from your database and also stop receiving communication/advertisement mails.

I hope you understand my concern do the needful as soon as possible. For any information regarding
my query, you can contact me on my email id or phone number (mention your phone number and email id )

Best regards
(Your name)