Pubg highly compressed download file 2022

Hello hi, everyone so in this article I will explain to you how to download a pubg highly compressed version 50 MB file, and also I will explain how to install this on your Android phone without any errors. I have given the latest version of the pubg mobile that is 0.19.0 highly compressed zip file so you can install it as Obb and also APK can install it without any errors.

Pubg introduced this latest version 0.19.0 if you install this application from the Play Store it is difficult because this application is removed from the Play Store so here I will provide you the 50MB file size where you can reduce internet for downloading the pubg mobile game. this new version has a lot of features in these new maps new guns and new skills are introduced in this version.

Uses of pubg highly compressed file

The size of this pubg mobile compressed version actually is 50MB. Download it from the Play Store it will take 2 GB of data so please follow all the steps and read the article completely so that you can download this pubg mobile game with 50 MB size this pubg game is very famous around the world and it is a multiplayer survival game. Pubg mobile actually was introduced for emulators at the beginning later this game came for mobile phones not only Android but also iOS players can also play the game. the game became famous because of its features and realistic gun firing options and beautiful maps.

This game is introduced not only for children but anyone can play because this game I need survival skills to win in the and many people like college students School everyone is playing give me so attitude and the features are so amazing.

pubg highly compressed

It will consume more data when you want to download this game from the Play Store we will provide you this game for less size and people feel difficulty so they can download freely from this website with a 50 MB compressed version.

Pubg mobile highly Compressed 0.19.0 file

Just click on the download and download the file after downloading the file login to the Pubg highly compressed with Facebook or your Gmail account. if you require any update from the pubg highly compressed versionmobile it will be easily notified on your screen so now you can also add your friends through the request-id as like the pubg game.

So once you downloaded make sure you download all the maps before you play because some apps are very important to play you can play both solo and also a multiplayer mode in this game.

Now you change all the characters and also different dresses shoes and many more if you have any rewards then also claim all the rewards so that also you come complete all the tasks so which will increase your RP in this game. Also read Alight motion presets

pubg highly compressed

Once you do all the process which is mentioned about you now you have to click on press button to start the game and once the game will start it will take some time it is called loading time and when loading time completes now one airplane will be traveling in the sky where the map will be shown below now the time came you have to jump from the plane and you need to open the parachute and land in any location in the map.

Some more details of pubg highly compressed version 0.19.0

To survive more time in this game you need to pick a gun first and also bullets for the gun make shoot your helmet and a bulletproof jacket in this game so that you will defend your enemy also try to pick the gun which has very less recoil so that you can fire the gun very fastly and kill the enemy quickly in the game.

The pubg highly compressed game is all about staying close to our team members and killing the Enemies and safeguarding yourself as a team and height Into The Woods. There are vehicles like car Jeep and Buggy that are present in this game so that you can travel from one location to another location as like in real life there are so many houses Constructions buildings hospitals and many more which are empty where you will have lots of loot you can get it and continue your game. Read avee player templates

How to download pubg mobile highly compressed file.

  1. Click on the download button to download the Pubg highly compressed mobile application and also the file.
  2. After that click on the download file now downloads will start.
  3. The highly compressed OB file will get downloaded once the file is downloaded.
  4. Open unzip the file which you have downloaded this file has a password so you need to enter the password.
  5. After unzipping open the pubg APK and then installing the application the first time you have to unlock all the unknown permission so that the application will install.
  6. Don’t open the application now go to the Android OBB and Tencent folder and paste the Obi file which you have extracted.

Updated features of the pubg highly compressed version 0.19.0

  • So we can have a 2.7 X scope in this update
  • A new gun that is introduced in the arena mode
  • We can update the different maps
  • Anti-cheating is implemented so that no can no one can cheat you using some mods
  • Ever ground experience that is blue hole mode was also introduced
  • Adventure mode and San who are introduced
  • We can customize the weapons and guns has crafts and many more



Pubg highly compressed version has all important features and also play the game for very less time don’t be more addictive to the game. As students are getting addicted to the game it’s always recommended to play the game for very less time and enjoy the other games like basketball, volleyball, and many more with your friends outside. So plan to play only 2 to 3 games only not many times per day