Pubg Mobile Game Highly Compressed Version 1.0.1 (300MB)

Hello hai, friends in this article we are going to provide you the best pubg mobile highly compressed file with 300MB. Here you can install this application on your android phone without any errors. we have provided the latest version of the pubg mobile game.

This latest compressed file will work on your android phone without any errors as we tested this file and updated it here. Pubg is also available in the play store but is of large size here we have just 300MB size

pubg mobile highly Compressed

Pubg mobile game has launched the new version of version 1.0.1. This has many features and these features are so beautiful and attractive for pubg players can enjoy all these new features when they play the game

Why to Download pubg mobile highly Compressed version 1.0.1

We all know that the pubg mobile game comes with the size of 2.5GB which very big size. the pubg mobile game is one of the fastest and famous android mobile games. This game comes with many features like multiplayer where we can play with our friends as a team.

Why we have to download pubg mobile highly Compressed file means this single file comes with two other files. These two files are the OBB file and pubg apk. we need APK to run the game and the OBB file contains the entire data of pubg game.

Many people don’t have a good internet connection so it is difficult for them to download this pubg mobile game as the size of the game is 2.5GB.

Only people who have a good internet connection can download this pubg mobile game in the play store so to avoid this problem we came with pubg highly Compressed file. This highly Compressed file is easy to download. Even if we don’t have strong internet speed can download the pubg mobile game and play

How to Use pubg highly Compressed version 1.0.1

Pubg is one of the famous android gaming applications both in Android and IOS. This game has amazing features so this game became so famous in the world after the COD game.

This game actually is not promoted much but this game became a big success when it came to the mobile version. Pubg was previously available for PC only after that it was introduced for emulators where players can play it in emulators.

pubg mobile highly Compressed

Once pubg mobile launched in china it became a big success then it launched in India slowly when the lockdown was introduced in all countries pubg was the only game people streaming on youtube and many social media platforms.

If you need to use this compressed file you need to download the file and also this file works for Android only without any errors. Follow the steps which are mentioned below so that you can learn how to install them properly on your mobile phone.

How to download pubg mobile highly compressed Obb file and APK

Let’s see how to download pubg highly Compressed file and how to install it on mobile phone step by step

  1. Download the pubg highly Compressed file from the given download link
  2. Once you download this pubg highly Compressed file in mobile phone
  3. Now open this downloaded file to open it you need a ZIP file extractor
  4. Click on this file and then click on open with zip extractor which is inbuilt in your mobile
  5. If you don’t have the means go to the play store and download the ZIP file extractor on your mobile phone.
  6. Now select this file and extract it this will ask for the password
  7. Enter the password and unzip the file you will find two files apk and obb file
  8. Now install the apk file don’t open after installing
  9. Later once the installation is done close it. copy the OBB file
  10. Now go to Android > obb >tencent paste here in the Tencent folder


How to play pubg mobile compressed version in mobile

Once we have downloaded the pubg mobile game then turn on the internet. if you have wifi connect to the wifi and open the pubg mobile app.

As we open game will load and it will load all necessary files and if it has any updates it will ask to update the version update the game if it asks update then reopen the game

Now you need to sign inside the game with your Google account or Facebook account once you sign in you need to set up your character in pubg game. here you need to set a male or female character based on your interest.

After setting the character go to the maps and download the different maps present in-game. We get Erangle map as the default map you need to download different maps present in the game to play different maps.

Download the different modes present in the game war mode, quick math mode, and other new modes will be present try to download all modes. once all modes downloaded you are ready to play it.

Invite friends to form a team with you so that all your friends with a team of 4 can play the game or you can play a solo match or dual members match also.

Once you land on the map collect guns grenades bullets and health kits and lots more rewards on the maps. Drive different cars buggy and bike in the game with your teammates. Pubg is one of the best survival games with a battle concept.

pubg is designed not only for children it’s a good game everyone can play the game and collect the rewards to get Rankings.

This game also has a royal pass where you have many skins are given for free and different dress for avatar also given once we buy royal pass


Updates and Features of pubg highly compressed version

  1. we have NEW ERA
  2. Revamped the Quarry and also Prison, rebuilt the Mylta Power area, upgraded building structures in entires all maps,
  3. added new bunkers
  4. NEW UX is added
  5. Overhauled the user’s interface the interactive experiences to increase the player Space,
  6. smooth switching between lobbies can be enabled, ensure a fashionable style.
  8. Better graphics are introduced and smoother gameplay.
  9. Embark on a new adventure now!


The game is designed to get out of mental pressure but we should not addict to the game and also it’s not recommended to play the game the whole day as we need to play the game for relaxing