Toon pro Application free Download for Android 2021

Hello hi, friends today we are going to learn how to make cartoon photo editing with the toon Pro application if you want to edit your photos with cartoon effect then you need to install this application and also follow the steps which are mentioned below to delete the cartoon.

There are many applications that are present in the Play Store which is used to create cartoon effects for your photos but this cartoon Pro editing application helps us to create cartoon effects for photos within 1 minute. Latest see some of the important features and uses of this cartoon Pro application.

What is the cartoon Pro application?

Cartoon Pro application is the most widely used cartoon editing application with this application we can use our photos and convert them into cartoon art within one or two minutes.

This is a completely internet-based application you need to install this application and turn on your internet and within few minutes your photo will be converted into a cartoon photo.

Toon pro application

Basically, this cartoon Pro application is not for free you need to buy this application so that unique and use all the features that are present in this application.

How to use this cartoon Pro application.

To use this cartoon Pro application you need to install the application from the given link once you install the application from provided link then open the application.

The application will ask you to select the image for which you want to apply the cartoon effect before applying the cartoon effect to your photo should have a good face mean the photo should have a face that should be very clear so that the present in this application will automatically detect your face.

The artificial intelligence present in this application will detect your face and it will convert it into a beautiful cartoon image. Once the image is converted into a cartoon image you can save this image and you can use it as a WhatsApp status for FB for Instagram.

Features of the toon Pro application

  1. we have a big head challenge with this application we can create fabulous and sarcastic face effects and add them.
  2. Artificial intelligence present in this application will help us to select our face automatically and create this into a beautiful cartoon effect.
  3. Also, we have trained it perfect in this application to add that perfect within few seconds
  4. The Magic Brush effect is present in this application to create magical effects on our cartoon photos.
  5. We can change the background of the power cartoon photos and also amazing photo filter help this application to create beautiful cartoons.

How to do the cartoon photo editing on a mobile

For cartoon photo editing on mobile you need to install the toon Pro application the application link is given below.


Also, you need to install some background files and also somebody cartoon effects and some PNG which are also provided below.

Toon pro application

After installing this application now open your application and select the image to which you want to apply the cartoon effect after selecting that makes Sur you are turning on your internet.

Once are internet is turned on the application will automatically detect the face in your photo and convert it into the cartoon effect. Now click on the save button and save your image.


Now open the picsart application and select the background out of all the backgrounds you can select any of the backgrounds which you like and later selected go to the add photo button in the PicsArt.

Here you need to select the body PNG which is given below if you are a boy select the boy body PNG if you are a girl then select the girl’s body PNG and add it in the PicsArt.

Now again click on the add photo option in the PicsArt Application now you have to select the cartoon photo which was edited by the cartoon Pro application.

Once you select this you have to remove the background of that cartoon photo which was edited using the cartoon app and then adjust your face to the body of the cartoon effect.

Make sure that you have added your face properly to the body which was added previously.

PIcs Art Application