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Hello hi everyone you are not able to send SMS in your VI SIM is in your Vodafone SIM aur in your idea sim card then you are in the right place here I will tell you the best solution for vi message centre number. This issue can be resolved with help of I will help you to follow these steps and fix the issue with a few steps. You are in the right place so in this page we will tell you full detail and list of the VI message centre number in all the states of India.

VI new network which is a combination of both Vodafone and Idea network If you are using Vodafone or Idea SIM cards then if you are facing the issue then you are at the right place here I will be providing both Vodafone and Idea message centre numbers based on their state.

What is an SMS centre number ?

Every phone has Short Message Service please like if you want to send a message directly without the internet then you can use this SMS option here when you send a message to your friend it will not go directly to your friend’s phone it will go to the SMS centre of that particular network from there again it will be transferred to your friend mobile phone so if you are facing any issue in sending the messages to your friend from your mobile keep the proper SMSC number for vi message centre number.

vi message center number

If you have a proper SMS message number added to your mobile phone then it will not give you any errors if you don’t have a good number then your message will not be delivered to your friend so here I have provided you with the list of all the SMS Centre numbers with all the state names if you belong to this state name you need to keep this number in your mobile phone SMS settings and then your messages will reach to your friend accordingly

vi message centre number List state wise

VI SMS Center Numbers based on state Phone Number
Kolkata VI Message center number  +919830099990
Idea Message center number North East States +919774099990
Vodafone Message center number for Karnataka +919886005444
Jammu & Kashmir Message center number +919796009905
VI SMS Center Number for Rajasthan +919839099999
Idea message center number for Haryana +919839099999
Himachal Pradesh Message center number +919736009911
VI SMS Center Number for Assam +919706099990
VI Message Center Number for Delhi +919811009998
VI Message Center Number for Mumbai +919820205446
VI Message Center Number for Gujarat +919825001002
VI Message Center Number for Orissa +919776099990
VI SMS Center Number for Telangana +919885005444
VI message center number for Chennai +919843000040
VI Message Center Number for AP (Andhra Pradesh) +919885005444
Idea Message Center Number for Bihar +919706099990
Vodafone Message Center Number for Goa+919823000040
VI SMS Center Number for Jharkhand +919709099990
Vodafone Message Center Number for Kerala +919846000040
VI Message Center Number for Punjab +919888009998
VI Message Center Number for Chhattisgarh +919713099990
Idea sms center number for Uttar Pradesh +919719009998
vi meaasge Center Number for Madhya Pradesh +919713099990
Vodafone Message Center Numberfor ROTN+919884005444
VI Message Center Number for Uttar Pradesh east+919839099999
VI Message Center Numberfor West Bengal+919732099990

How to set or change the vi message centre number in a mobile phone

vi message center number

To change the SMS centre in our mobile phone there are two different ways to change the number we can set the vi message centre number in our mobile phone with simple steps so I will mention the steps to follow these steps.

Method 1

  • Open your mobile phone dialler pad and dial the numbers ##4636##
  • Select on the dial and after that, you will get one pop up
  • In this popup select the phone information option
  • Now scroll down to the SMSC option
  • Then click on the refresh and update it so that it will be updated to the latest SMSC number
  • Now you have to switch off or restart your phone ready

Method 2

The method we will check how to set my SMS centre number

  • First, open your messaging application
    Now go to the settings option inside it
  • Now tap on the message settings are the advanced settings which are present in the settings option
  • Later you have to click on the SMS service centre
  • You have to update the correct SMSC number
  • To update this number you need to check which state you belong to
  • If you are from AP then you have to take the ap is SMSC number and update it there
  • finally update it and restart your phone.

What if the methods which are given about doesn’t work for you

If all these two methods don’t work for you and you are not able to send SMS through your mobile phone to your friends then might be too chance one is because of your service provider network issue or might be because of the service provider’s internal issue so you need to call the service provider by dialing the number and inform them so that by talking with the customer care you resolved on the priority and you can enjoy sending the message directly from your mobile phone

This SMS option is very important when you don’t have internet access at that time you can use this SMS message option for sending the important message through your mobile phone directory

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