the salt water as mouth wash thrice a day so that this salt water acts as disinfectant  and also it will kill bacteria and also  kill the decay

Hydrogen peroxide which act has a best tooth pain relief agent and also it will clean the decay and bacteria that is present In your teeth and when you use hydrogen peroxide use it as a mouth washer

Mint bag or tea bag you can use for your tooth pain all you need to do is make your mint bag whether it is little warm then you start touching the area which you are getting pain or you can use a cool mint bag for keeping your tea bag into a refrigerator and then you can apply it on your teeth

Garlic acts as a natural antioxidant which will help us to kill the bacteria that is present nearby our teeth and also it will help to clear all the decay that is present in our teeth at your home all you need to do is prepare a paste and try to apply the place where you are getting a tooth pain

Vanilla extract it also used as a good to pain relief material since it has a little quantity of alcohol which will number muscle which is present under it and it also clears the bacteria that is present near around your teeth you can use this Vanilla extract oil with mixing with other oils and as a  mouthwash

Clothes are one of the best anti accident and this will clear kill the bacteria that is built around your teeth and this will also reduce the pain that is being caused by the bacteria movement and also will make your teeth very clear from bacterial growth you can use this as a mouthwash

guava use are very effective in clearing the bacteria and also the cleaning of your mouth and also reducing the pain and the you can use guava use liquid for mouthwash or you can just bite the normal guava leaves and chew it so that you can get a juice and you can just keep the shoes for 10 to 15 minutes and then you can spit it out

Wheatgrass is one of the best remedy that is used at your home for teeth pain and also for your gums that are with bacteria so you can use the  wheat grass and chew it so and keep it in your mouth for couple of minutes so that it will kill the bacteria that is present in your mouth since it also contains a little amount of the Chemicals natural chemicals which will help your mouth clean and reduce the pain

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